Pros And Cons Of Teen Curfews

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In many states after getting their license for the first time teens must be home before a certain time. States believe that giving teenagers curfews will keep them safe on the road. There are ways around the curfew for things such as working late, or emergencies. Teenagers should be allotted the opportunity to not abide by the curfew so long as they have their license. Setting curfews for first time drivers can be considered discriminatory. Not all teens are bound to be involved in criminal activity, and having a mandatory curfew sets a bar that all teens will do something bad. According to Teens Need Things To Do, Not A Curfew by GreaterGreaterWashington, “If there were more legitimate nighttime activities for teens, that would deter some …show more content…
Driving at night can be a bigger problem than driving in the daytime. In addition it is said that it could stop the temptations of drug use, partying, violence etc. That’s why many states require teens to drive a certain number of hours in the day and at night. If parents actually followed the guidelines then maybe they would have more faith in their children. Curfews cannot stop the risk of drug use, or partying, or violence. Things like that happen every day with or without curfews. People will do as they please regardless of the law. Although it won’t stop the activity, it could possible make it harder for those things to happen. In order to protect teen from getting into trouble and other dangerous activities are not rules and punishments but being able to have good communication and relationship with your teen. In order make this work, the teen must be respected and trusted by you and in return the parent must be respected and trusted.
The American Academy Of Pediatric suggest rather than setting a blanket curfew is to give the trustworthy teen flexibility on special occasions such as prom night rather than on study night. By giving your teen flexibility encourages more responsibility in exchange for expanded privileges (Should teens have a

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