Pros And Cons Of Technology In The Classroom

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We live in a world dominated by technology. Does this necessarily mean the classroom should be dominated by technology as well? That is what school administrators around the world are asking themselves. I do not think it is a simple yes or no answer. One must question as to whether the pros outweigh the cons. In my opinion, the benefits that students and professors receive from technology on a collegiate level, such as Elearn and Turnitin, surpass the harmful effects technology has in a classroom.
The advancements of technology in the classroom have helped teachers in many ways. Professors use PowerPoints instead of writing everything on a white board by hand. This allows them to get through more material because they are not wasting time
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Elearn is a great website for students as well as professors. If we miss class because we are sick, all of the information you missed in class is on Elearn. My Probability and Statistics professor uploads all of her PowerPoints online before we go over them in class. We print them off and bring them to class to fill in the blanks. This keeps the students from just mindlessly copying notes the entire time and allows them the time to actually pay attention and ask questions if they need help. If one of the students need help with using the correct functions on the calculator she is able to project her calculator onto the white board to show the entire class. Outside of the classroom students have a seemingly endless supply of information on the internet. We can look up articles to use as references for our essays. If we are better visual learners there are videos on YouTube about anything from grammar to the kings of France. We can even look at how other professors are teaching the same material at other …show more content…
Even though students have an endless supply of information on the internet it is more likely they will watch a movie, play a game, or even catch up on the latest celebrity gossip than lookup how to use semicolons properly. Neil Postman uses a great example of this in his article, “Virtual Students, Digital Classroom”. Postman writes, “Little Eva can’t sleep, so she decides to learn a little algebra? Where does Little Eva come from? Mars? If not, it is more likely she will tune in to a good movie.” (Page 1) Inside the classroom there is another problem that I see all too often. Students are constantly on their cell phones texting and checking up on social media. Not only are they not paying attention but they are distracting other class mates a majority of the time. Professors have started to ban cellphones from the classroom but it still doesn’t solve the problem. Students bring in their laptops work on homework from the previous class they were in while completely ignoring what their current professor is

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