Disadvantages Of All-Year Round School

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Attention, the school you are attending is now going to have school all year round. If you are reading this you are probably going to be a little mad at first. You also probably think that this means that you are going to be in school longer, or that we have to do more work and you don’t get a summer vacation. Well actually you are wrong, you do still get a summer vacation and you are attending school the same amount of days as you are now. It’s just that the long summer break that we usually get is spread out throughout the year instead. These breaks are shorter but are more frequent. School all year round has many pros and cons that go along with it. Also how it may affect your parent and your teachers as well.

Some of the pros of school
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It affects family time because now we are getting less time to go on vacation and to do fun things together. Which can cause many family problems, whether it be not getting along or not being as social with each other. Also, the breaks are now more often so parents can’t take off work for there younger children. So this leads to finding a daycare or babysitter for that younger child. Which means that now the parents are spending money that they wouldn’t have to spend if their kids were just in school. Another con about school year round is that kids that have traditional summers have time to learn things outside of school that the school might not teach. Another one is that some families might have two kids and each could be in a different district, so they might have different break schedules. Having different schedules can be hard for the parents to make plans when one kid might be in school at that time, and another might be at home. Some other disadvantages of school year round are that not having summer break means that kids can´t go to a summer camp. Also, some kids work during summer and save their money and now there isn’t a long period of time for the kids to work. which means that they have to find time to work during the school year. This means they cant work as much because of homework and other things like …show more content…
The second very popular schedule is where they go to school for 45 days and then they get a break of 15 days. The third schedule is where they go to school for 80 days and then get 40 days off. The 80-40 schedule has the longest break off from school but it is the second most popular one. There is also a program called multi-tracker which according to certification map is where they give a certain group of teachers and students different breaks. This helps with the enrollment of students because having different breaks means they can have up to 50 percent more students enrolled in the school according to California Department of Education. This could be a big help to many schools around the world if they use this program.

In conclusion, whether you decide to go school year round or stick with a traditional schedule, you with always have advantages and disadvantages. The advantages and disadvantages will be different for which every one you decide to pick. You do need to decide which one by what fits you and your family best. In my opinion, i think that school year round would be better for everyone. My reasoning is that many kids do forget what they learned over the long breaks and with the breaks being shorter you won´t have to worry. If you had to chose what would you

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