Pros And Cons Of Summer Break

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One of the biggest controversies in our school systems around America is if kindergarten through twelfth grades should go to school all 12 months of the year or if they should get a summer break. If kids go to school all year they will be better educated because they will not have a long break where they forget a significant amount of information that they have learned from their previous school year. If there was school all year then kids would still get their three months off but it would just be spread throughout the whole school year. But on the other hand if kids get a summer break they can get jobs and most people would say that kids need a summer break. Summer break is also a time to get away from school and to enjoy the nice weather. …show more content…
Some people do not like summer break because it is too long or kids forget everything that was learned. Kids may make bad decisions during summer break because there is so much free time. But for the most part there are many people that love summer break. During summer break kids can relax and have some fun because of course they are away from school for three months so what’s not fun about that. Mostly everyone needs to give their brain a break too because after nine straight months of trying to keep up grades or keep them where they want them to be at, that gets exhausting and stressful. Getting a summer job is something many people get because students never have any money for gas, food, or anything they may need. This is why it’s important to have a summer job to have money for the next nine months and also for college because that’s very expensive. Summer break is a time to travel with the family and go take a vacation. If there was school all year then kids would have to miss school or take your vacation when they have days off from school (Dussaeu). Let’s just face it that summer break is awesome to almost everyone. Everybody has a good time over summer break and without it, it would not be as much

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