Arguments Against Standardized Testing

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Getting an education is very important to parents and students. How does a parent figure out if one 's child is getting an adequate education? How does a parent know if one 's child is progressing as a student and learning? Many believe that standardized testing is the best way to measure if a school is providing students with a superb education. Meanwhile, others believe that standardized testing is unfair or unnecessary. Despite of this argument many states in the United States currently use standardized testing as a way to examine if a school is actually doing its job well. Both arguments will be examined to decide whether standardized testing is important in schools. One source argues that standardized testing results are important to parents as well as schools. Testing allows schools to let parents know how their child is progressing each year. Test results notify parents and make them aware of their child 's strengths and weaknesses. With testing results parents can help their child themselves or seek extra help to reinforce teachings at school. …show more content…
The author argues that the multiple choice test created in 1914 does not belong in school testing of the 21st century 's internet age. The author declares that the multiple choice test used in standardized testing is not the most adequate form of testing. "In the Internet age, we are saddled with an educational system that was designed for the industrial age, modeled on mass production and designed for efficiency, not for high standards." The article also states that the bubble tests are not sufficient enough because it tests only a quarter of the types of knowledge students are taught. Lastly the author says that U.S high school completion rate is decreasing and that teachers are leaving their profession because of the "demoralizing testing requirements of No Child Left

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