Pros And Cons Of Sports Essay

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Sports Controversy Essay Ryan Fwu Period ¾

The world of controversy around competitive sports for kids has been around for a long time. The first Olympics were hosted in 760 BC, with only one event. The popularity of sports have greatly increased from there. Many people have stated that competitive sports are good for you mentally and physically. Sports can help kids to become better at teamwork, communication, concentracion, leadership, and work ethic. Generally, sports can help to improve your self esteem. Also, competitive sports help to brings kids with a common interest together. On the other hand, may say that competitive sports are dangerous to the body as well as the mind. It can cause many injuries when
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It helps kids aspire to be something greater in both their sport and in their lives. Pessimistic non believers may say that it gives kids tunnel vision, and that it makes them worse in school. In truth, sports help teach you life lessons, make new friends, and generally have more fun in life. Many people say that injuries are prominent in competitive sports. On the other hand, people say that losing can crush your confidence and make you lose your self esteem. But it is all a matter of responsibility and confidence. Assuming that you wear enough protective gear, and wear it properly, there shouldn’t be any problems. In reality, people shouldn’t be upset when they lose one or two games. Failure is a part of life that everyone goes through sooner or later. Oftentimes, losses shouldn’t be taken personally. In fact, sports teach you how to move forward and forget about losses so that you can focus on what you did well and what to improve on for next time. A majority of the opposing argument may say that competitive sports are too competitive. However, if the competition or the pressure of the sport is too great, you can move down to a lower level that suits you. It’s really about finding a intensity level and the right fit for

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