Pros And Cons Of Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Register to read the introduction… Unlike traditional advertising campaigns, WOM communications are generated purely based on the customer experiences as opposed to being paid to promote a particular brand. Therefore, when it comes to make purchase decisions on an unfamiliar brand, the suggestions by a close friend who is likely to share the same interests become a reliable and convincing source of reference (Cheema and Kaikati, 2010). Gershoff and Johar (2006) states that consumers frequently depend on others for purchasing opinions of intended products, especially those with great financial and psychic risk. Several studies (Godes & Mayzlin, 2004; Trusov et al., 2009; Herr et al., 1991) have illustrated that WOM communications are more effective and efficient than the traditional marketing channels. Social media provides the modern platform for facilitating WOM communications. Consumers’ perceptions are spread at an exponential speed towards targeted and potential customers with worldwide availability. The comments on a company’s Facebook page can be reviewed so as to understand its reputation and brand image in the public eyes. Similarly, forums like in Ireland provide a convenient channel for gathering opinions on a particular product or service for both consumers and firms. Since replies are posted by people who are not known to the viewer on a personal basis, they are able to make decisions based on the others subjective perceptions from an objective point of view. Hence, social media channels are regarded as the ideal candidates for newly introduced marketing techniques such as viral marketing and so …show more content…
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