Pros And Cons Of Smart Phones

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Everyone it seems now a days has a smart phone whether it’s an iPhone, android, etc. They used their phones to call, text, email, and post things on social media. This topic is important because it connects to almost everyone with a smart phone. There has been articles discussing the problems and studies of bad communication. Smart phones are causing people not to have good communication skills when face to face. Due to continually mostly communicating with instant messaging and social media components like Facebook, twitter, and Instagram.
There is a lot of people that use smart phones. A smart phone “combines a cellphone with e-mail and Web, music and movie player, camera and camcorder, GPS navigation, voice dictation for messaging and a voice search for asking questions about anything ( )”. Communicating is a problem with teenagers. “Face to face
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An article that discusses pros in smartphone communication states “Smartphones make it much easier for employers and their employees to keep in touch. Beyond simple voice calling, most smartphones support instant messaging across several popular programs, as well as email. Supported social networking services such as Facebook and Twitter can also be used to organize employees for company events and foster communication between departments ( )”. In this case it is a positive thing to communicate through the smart phones because it is fast and convenient.
Another pro for smart phones is “Keeping in touch with friends and family is easy with the convenience of texting and the ability to update your social networking accounts. You 'll never miss a meeting or forget an important date because you 'll always have your schedule with you by using the calendar function. Just about everything you need to keep your day running smoothly is at your fingertips ( )”. So a smart phone can make it easier to stay connected with people that you are closed

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