Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms

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Register to read the introduction… Some schools have decided that it is best to make minor changes to the dress code policy. For instance, Battleground Academy in Franklin Tennessee, has implemented a compromise to the wear of school uniforms. While the students are required to wear uniforms, they are allowed to choose from several different styles ranging from shorts, pants and skirts and jumpers for the girls. Each student also has the right to make his own choice when it comes to shoes and belts. Giving the students options gives them less to rebel against which will make a smooth transition into the uniform lifestyle. Some schools have even gone softer in the uniform debate by allowing the students to wear whatever bottoms they feel fit but they must wear a polo shirt with the school logo or a specified color. These ideas bring about uniformity and school spirit, but they also allow the students to have a bit of …show more content…
It takes competition out of the school. It focuses on the task at hand, which is the school work. It's more affordable for parents and easier to dress the kids."
Uniforms are a blessing to many families, and with the durability and cost effectiveness, uniforms would make a great addition to any school atmosphere. References
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