Pros And Cons Of Sam 's Teaching Methods Essay

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Part A: Flotation Ltd. Case
1. What are the pros and cons of Sam’s teaching methods?
Sam is a well-liked teacher and is well known and has a reputation for delivering fun courses so it would motivate people to come in with a positive attitude and learn instead of finding the training to be tedious and being uninterested
He has been with the organization for a long time and knows the company culture and structure very well. So his methods could be very well aligned with the organizations culture and may relate well to the employees.
Given the long tenure that Sam had with the organization the employees could trust him more and could divulge on the issues they have that could result in more directed approach to the issues employees have.
Sam’s keep happy and fun course method could derail the importance of the coursed and could lead to people not taking the training provided with the necessary gravitas. In turn could render the courses less effective.
The case study notes that Sam already has his favourite courses prepared and speaks nothing of courses he is not fond of, which raises the question are the courses provided fully comprehensive? Or are they simply the courses that he enjoys teaching?
Text book also notes that he only makes tweaks and adjustments here and there and creates trendy new titles to update these long standing course. But then the question arises are the courses provided still relevant as they used to be. With Sam doing thing the same…

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