Pros And Cons Of Rights To Abortion

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Rights to Abortion
Every year 4 out of 10 pregnancies result in abortion. An abortion is a deliberate termination of pregnancy usually performed within the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. Women often lean towards abortions because of rape, depression, and/or miscarriages. Some people agree with abortion being legal, while others do not agree with it at all. It is becoming harder for women to receive abortions due to the fact that some people do not support it. Although many people do not believe in abortions it should be legal because, it takes from women 's rights and ability to make decisions.
Abortion is becoming harder to access. According to the US News, “women 's rights have been politicized” (US News). Instead of women having their rights
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Joshua Lang agrees with this statement, “ I am pro choice because I want people to make their own choices”(Lang). Many people who tend to not support abortion are not ever put in a situation where they would have to make a big decision. Many people do not tend to think of the after effect of having a baby. If the woman decides to keep the baby because it was illegal and she had no choice, who would help her keep the baby? Not a lot of people actually think of the after, they just think of the now. This could also be one of the leading factors on poverty if abortion was to be illegal. It should be one’s choice on what she should do to her own body, because at the end of the day she i going to have to live with it. Hillary Clinton said, “The care of human life and happiness , and not their destruction, is the first and only object of a good government” (“The Abortion Industry Survives by Endangering Women 's Lives”). Women should have choice whether or not to have an abortion or not because they have to live with the choices they make. If the government chooses to make abortion illegal then they would be taking away the people’s right. The people should have the ability to have some sort of freedom to decide on situations like abortion. Abortion should be decision made by the people and it should be legal because it takes away from women’s

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