Rfid Pros And Cons

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Topic: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) -Pros & Cons

1.0 Explanation of marking justification.

The topic of the pros and cons of radio frequency identification (RFID) had been evaluated during the presentation session and marks had been given. There are two categories in marking criteria which are content and presentation. For the content which 60 marks in total, there are divided into details which is research, relevance, topicality, and conclusion. Meanwhile, for the presentation which 40 marks in total, there are divided into details which is clarity, structure, materials, and bonus marks.

For the topic of pros and cons of radio frequency identification (RFID), I gave the total of 74 over 100 for the group’s presentation and the
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Basically, this RFID chip is more expensive compared with other automatic chip system. This is because of the size of RFID different with other automatic chip system. Next is, the cons of this RFID is the range of scanning was quite small. Although the signal can be dramatically extended the range of RFID, there is still a limit how far the broadcast can be. The effectiveness of the RFID can be disturbed when the signals are being blocked by something such as metals or …show more content…
It is seen as a means of enhancing data processes and is complementary to existing technologies. During the presentation, I can tell that the presenters explain the definition of RFID from several sources. The presenters also emphasize the component inside the RFID, the pros and also the cons of the RFID. After the presenters present about the pros and cons of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), I can conclude that this RFID is actually giving us more benefits rather than the drawbacks. This can be proven when someone is missing or being kidnaped. For example, the responsible parties can track either the phone number or the plate vehicle number of the kidnapper. This is because a mobile phone and a vehicle contain an RFID and it can be tracked easily by the responsible parties. It is suitable to be a track component because its size is small same as a grain of rice that is easy to incorporate in consumer products, and implanted in animals for the identification process. The small size of RFID is convenient, especially in business purpose which it provides a bar scanner to the products. I strongly agree that this RFID brings us more benefits even though there is a drawback of these

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