Essay about Pros And Cons Of Pursuing Behavior Change

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would work Thursday through Sunday. In between classes, homework, studying, and work I am also heavily active in school clubs and trying to recreate another school club from scratch which also takes up a lot of my time. By the end of almost every day I was physically or mentally exhausted. Like many other people out their my biggest obstacle was myself. Due to the fact I rarely have any free time to myself or in my schedule, the moment I had time to relax, I would take full advantage of it and find excuses why I should just take the time to relax opposed to going to the gym. Following the rest of Watson’s strategies I choose to write down the pros and cons of pursuing this behavior change. Naturally the pros added up quickly due to the fact exercising is a healthy habit. The reoccurring theme of a healthier fitter me was easy to imagine. On the other hand, getting rid of unwanted body fat and getting back into top shape didn’t look so easy. Looking at the cardiovascular perspective alone I know one of the pros would be being increasing my running and cycling time along with not being as winded running behind children all day at work. Another pro was increasing my muscle tone which in return will increase my basal metabolic rate. Another benefit of building my cardiovascular endurance from going to the gym more often was more than just improving my body physically but it is also an effective way to combat my stress and anxiety which as a result would help me feel better…

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