Pros And Cons Of Police Brutality In Black Culture

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Police Brutality of Black Culture People are scared to put on a certain outfit or be in a certain place or be a specific race because of how the cops would perceive them. We live in a world where just because people wear hoodies or baggy clothes they are considered bad or a people who need to be watched. The judgment of black culture is disgraceful and humiliating. Now days the only thing on the news containing African Americans is when there has been a killing or robbery. This is shown when the news depicts the famous cases like Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, and a whole lot more that aren’t really talked about. They were all serious cases. African Americans of all ages are being brutally beaten or even killed by a government official or someone …show more content…
For instance if an officer has a citizen hand cuffed, they will continuously beat them up even after being restrained in handcuffs. As far as killings go the past few, the most popular ones, the victim has been unarmed and defenseless against the police. Some have asked why not use tasers instead of a gun to eliminate the risk of death. There are pros and cons to use these weapons. One of the Pros would be that it is less likely for a victim to be killed and takes them down just as …show more content…
This case has proved once again black youth are viewed low in society. Black youth are being targeted and dared to act every day. Black youth are scared to even talk to the police because of the fear of unjust treatment. The fear of unjust treatment by police may cause black youth to handle a situation differently than if they could call the law to help. Was the impetus that resulted in what I believe is a deeply engaging conversation about Trayvon Martin And larger issues of racism, including such issues as the production and maintenance of racist perceptions, Questions of Black humanity and its violation, the terrible loss of Trayvon Martin, the callousness and moral failure of George Zimmerman, the explicit and implicit racist violence that Black boys and Black men face on a daily basis (Yancey 2). George yancy words cut deep in to how it is to be black in America or how society see black people as whole.
In conclusion, all the pieces are put together to paint a picture on how society sees black youth and black culture, there is a rhetorical question about how could things get better or rather will it ever get better maybe even worse. The police need to be assessed on if they are law abiding citizen like they are paid to enforce. Society shouldn’t have to watch the clothes they put on because of the fear of racial profiling, unjust treatment, and flat

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