Pros And Cons Of Parental Involvement?

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Pros And Cons of Parental Involvement
Introduction: Parental involvement can be defined as, “participation of parents in regular, two-way, and meaningful communication involving student academic learning and other school activities”(Hill & Tyson, 2009). Some research suggests parental involvement reflects positively on a student 's academic performance, while other studies suggest that there is no correlation between how much a parent is involved in their child 's education and their academic achievement (Hill & Tyson, 2009). There are several opinions and reasons that are for and against the idea of parents being involved causes either a positive or a negative reaction with children. In many cases, the problem with parental involvement
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When the proper strategies and steps are made, it can potentially have a profound effect on how a child learns and develops. Cons: Many people believe that helping with homework, checking up on a child whilst they are at school and checking up on a child’s behavior helps a child to improve their academic experience and helps them obtain good grades. This may not be the case as in fact in may hinder a child’s academic experience. It was found that children who were regularly helped by their parents in performing tasks related to academics, children usually performed worse than students that were not helped (Robinson & Harris, …show more content…
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