Pros And Cons Of Overpopulation

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Register to read the introduction… As population increase the quality of life for an individual decreases. "...Democracy cannot survive overpopulation. Human dignity cannot survive it. Convenience and decency cannot survive it. As you put more and more people into the world, the value of life not only declines, it disappears. It doesn't matter if someone dies. The more people there are, the less one individual matters." (Isaac Asimov). This situation is ringing true in China. The United Nations estimates that China's population may reach the unmanageable mark of 2 billion as early as the year 2030. Right now China contains 22 percent of the world's people but occupies only 7 percent of its arable land. This massive population growth places enormous strains on China. It threatens massive food shortages, soaring demands for health care and housing, socially destabilizing unemployment, overburdened public transport and a rapidly deteriorating environment. Ultimately the growing populations and large families that couples are continuing to have despite China's one-child policy are harmful to the quality of life. China is not the only place that will face this problem. If populations continue to grow at the current rate then people all over the world will face a lower quality of

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