Orcas Should Not Be Allowed In Captivity

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Orcas in captivity? No way. We need to stop the orcas in captivity because it’s not healthy for them, they are abused and because there is not enough space for them to swim around in. Orcas are one of the most intelligent animals on the planet and where are they? In captivity that’s right, the smartest animal is used for our amusement. You may think that the orcas get taken care of, and are properly fed, but they are not. Also when you read all this stuff on orcas killing humans no one knows the backstory. But if you keep reading you will finally know why the smartest animals are going after humans and people.

My first reason why orcas should not be in captivity is that of the space issue. Many of the orcas are going from swimming 100’s
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This is not healthy for the orcas because the orcas are not used to that climate or area. Usually, when you are in an unfamiliar area you want to do everything and go everywhere. But with the orcas, they don’t want to go to the tanks because they know they will be separated from their families, and will not be treated well. When they are away from their families this means that they can get homesick and die at an early age. This is not good for the orcas because then they won’t live long. Did you know that in the article “should orca shows be banned,” a studied was done at SeaWorld and the longest living orca was 40 years old. But then in the wild an orca can live to 90 years old. This proves that when the orcas are in captivity they have a higher chance of dying early then in the wild. Also, many orcas live with their mom forever. When the orcas leave their moms they get anxiety. This anxiety stays with them for their whole time in the small tank. This is not healthy for the orca because they start to see, hear and feel differently. The orcas then don’t feel safe in their environment and act a lot differently this is not good for not only the people but the orcas. When the orca can’t come back to their normal self then they can’t obtain the same mentality they had before and can’t focus on anything except the cage, humans, and being crazy. This is a problem because the orca is …show more content…
Orcas are very smart animals that do not deserve or need to be in captivity. Orcas are used for our amusement because they are so smart and learn fast. But when you look at the bigger picture you can see that the orcas can get hurt, it’s not healthy for them, and because they can become very aggressive over space. If you really still believe that it was the orca’s fault for all the deaths, I have a story to tell you. Before the incident Dawn was feeding Tilikum fish after all of the tricks that Tilikum did Dawn ran out of food and Tilikum was begging to eat. When Tilikum finished another trick he was waiting for his fish and got frustrated and got mad at Dawn. Then that’s when it all happened, Tilikum’s frustration turned into anger and pulled her down into the water. The only reason this death happened was because of the frustration of the whale. If you still believe that the people are innocent you may want to go work at Seaworld and see what happens for

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