The Effects Of Childhood Obesity

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Worldwide obesity has doubled since the year of 1980. Obesity is usually defined as the condition of being grossly fat or overweight. In a 2009-2012 study it was shown that more than two out of three adults are obese or overweight or obese. This study also showed that more than one out of twenty adults is considered to be extremely obese. Obesity in children is at the rate of one in every nineteen. Studies have shown that when a person is obese it leads to having more physical and emotional issues.
When a person is obese there is also a chance of them having type two diabetes, different kinds of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, osteoarthritis, and many other health problems. The way obesity is measured is by a BMI scale. BMI stands for body
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Two big diets known in the United States are the Atkins diet and the DASH diet. The Atkins diet is a diet that is high in protein and fat but low in carbohydrates for weight loss. This diet plan is one of the most discussed. There are many pros to choosing this diet which includes weight loss. Temple University did a study to show the long term effects of this diet and they showed that it works equally to a low fat and calorie restricted diet. In a 2007 study, Stanford University compared the Atkins diet to three other big diets and showed that the Atkins diet was the most …show more content…
It’s also high in protein which can cause kidney problems. When this diet is first started people usually get a symptom called induction flu. Induction flu is a lack of energy and it also makes sleep harder. Even though in the early stages of this diet you lose a lot of weight it is just water loss instead of fat loss. The diet is also low in fiber which may lead to constipation. The body needs fiber to fight from colon disease, cancers, and heart disease.
The DASH diet, just like the Atkins diet, has many pros. The DASH diet started for people to lower their blood pressure. Eventually it found to be effective for weight loss which is why many people use this diet today. In this diet you have to reduce your sodium intake and eat foods that are rich in nutrients that help lower blood pressure and make you lose weight. The increase of fruits and vegetables is the biggest part of this diet. Pros of this diet include it being well-balanced, easy to follow, and it is approved by the NIH, USDA My Pyramid, and AHA. As I have researched I cannot find any cons to this

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