Pros And Cons Of No Going Back: Capital Punishment

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No Going Back: Capital Punishment In decades, past and future, crime has been happening. In any town, village, or state, criminals subside themselves in the cracks of society and commit terrible crimes. Such criminals have made such an impact on the daily lives of most people. So, does this mean we let them continue to be the darkness of our society? The government and law enforcements should use capital punishment, known as death penalty, to eliminate the wickedness, which is the United State’s duty. Some criminals commit a crime because they have no other option to survive, but yet some do it for fun. Of course, not every person who commits a crime should be killed on spot. For example, a person who shoplifts from a local store should …show more content…
The death penalty serves as a deterrent and helps in reducing crime. Death from such punishment, the death penalty, is obviously irreversible. However, if the job is done right, the person being committed to death penalty should not be given chances to prove innocence. Death penalty also assures safety to societies by eliminating certain criminals. Taking murderers off the streets by using the death penalty can comfort citizens in the United States. Capital punishment is also referred to in the bible. As a religious connection, in the book of Matthew it says, “Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth. But I tell you, do not resist an evil person.” Also, if the amount of criminals are taken off of death row, the costs for cell holding and other prison funds are …show more content…
The trial process of death row is not a very quick one. It may take up many years, waiting for appeals, and still deciding if the person being trialed is “guilty.” Evidence may be brought back out during this time. If prosecutors do their job and convicting the defendant correctly, there should be no problems. The death penalty is in place to diminish the wrong doings by a certain person. If the person is proved innocent, then he/she will be released from death row, or their trial, and go on with life. The time being in prison or a jailhouse will slowly show a person’s innocence or guilt. Although being on death row for years, death penalty helps with the overpopulation of a prison system. Taking the life of a person that has committed horrific crimes is irreversible for sure and it will also cause less commotion in a jail

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