The Pros And Cons Of Native Adverts

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Native advertising

Native advertising came about a few years ago as a way for advertisers to get around ad blocking software that is used my many people. With the increase use of services that block ads advertisers came up with a form of advertisement that is forced on consumers. Native ads are so interworked with the design and functionality of the page. ( If you want to view the page it is often a requirement for a person to turn off the ad blocker software to be able to view the page.

Pros- pros to native advertising is it less intrusive than traditional ads. It flows seamlessly with the flow of the page so it is really difficult to detect. When I read this I thought about the Native ads on yahoo. I go to yahoo to find
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I understand that advertising has to be there and it has been useful in the past when you are thinking about something and it conveniently shows up at the side of your screen. I have clicked on those ads many times. Native ads take the consumers free choice away. One of the articles state “they are an abuse of consumer’s good will” (

My personal opinion on the matter is they area not very ethical. I do not want to be tricked into going to a web site that could contain viruses or malware that can affect the functionality of my computer or worse, steal my personal information. I appreciate that they are attempting to make ads less intrusive. Experiencing the early days of the internet I remember web pages being crippled by pop up advertisements. Consumers should always have a choice in the way that consume ads. If an ad begins. I tried the ad blockers but too many of the web sites that I depend on daily require that the blockers to be turned off for the page to be able to function. I understand the need for advertisements, I know that the easily accessible information is because of the incomes from the ads. I just wish that there was a way to block out the bad ads and choose which of the good ones that you want to see. I would even give up the desire to choose if I could just be certain that the ads would not contain software that
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I could tell that the revenue generated by the sell of ads was substantial and that the impact of those ads was world wide. In the report you could see the areas in the world that had a greater impact and as a business I can see how a report like this would be valuable to help use your ad budget wisely.

I personally do not mind ads on Facebook. They have them on the side and within my newsfeed. I have been exposed to a lot of people and products that I would not have had the chance to if it weren’t for the ads. My favorite part of the ads is that it is 100% my choice weather or not I click the ads or not. I appreciate that Facebook gave me the power back. I would like to think that they vet their ads a bit so maybe it would be safer to click on the ads that I see then if they popped up on a random site.

Facebook has something like a 100 million members and they span the globe and every demographic I would venture a guess that an ad on Facebook would likely have a wider reach than one on nightly cable

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