Pros And Cons Of Male Circumcision

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Circumcision is basically the removal of the foreskin of a male child or an adult male. “It has been reported that approximately one third of the global male population is circumcised. Male circumcision is generally practiced for religious reasons, all over the world except in the USA where it is performed for nonreligious reasons”. (Cordsuk et al., 2013). “Circumcision is a common procedure, but regional and societal attitudes differ on whether there is a need for a male to be circumcised and, if so, at what age they should be circumcised”. (Morris et al., 2012). This is an important issue that needs to be decided by parents, but also by medical bodies, public health, doctors and policy makers. “The circumcision of newborn
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It heals fast and alleviate the abstinence of sexual activities during adulthood (Morris et al., 2012). Male circumcision reduces the contraction of a Urinary Infections (Svoboda, Adler, and Van Howe, 2016). “The risk of complications is lower in infants than in older boys and circumcision in adult men can reduce the risk of acquiring an STI specifically HIV, HSV, and HPV” (Sorokan et al., 2015). This statement supports the view of the BMC Pediatrics. The following risks and disadvantages were discovered in male circumcision. Male circumcision is associated with pain. It was also discovered that circumcision done during adulthood is costlier than the one done at birth. Male circumcision is associated with bleeding, bad scar, infections during the surgical procedures as a result of unhygienic environment, amputation of the penis (Morris et al.,2012). However, “circumcision in older boys, who are able to give consent carries more risks and costly to the individual” (Sorokan et al., …show more content…
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