Cons Of Legalizing Marijuana

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There are concerning effects debating to legalize marijuana as the government leads marijuana in a positive or negative way, but benefits states that have legalized it and why it is legalized before any other drugs.
The pros of legalizing marijuana gives an effect to citizens in America because it benefits those who are sick with cancer and get seizures. It has been proven to help individuals who have depression. The American Cancer Society states that study shows smoking marijuana helps cancer patients with their side effects due to chemotherapy . Marijuana is a plant based with chemicals such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The plant is not harmful as individuals only smoke it and legalizing marijuana will help those who have epileptic
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There has not been a study where smoking marijuana could lead to addiction, but some doctors say it is. Short term memory loss can be caused by marijuana as sometimes you won 't remember what you did. It can also slow you brain down, causing a distortion of asking so many questions that are common sense. According to the American Lung Association, marijuana smoke can damage one 's lung health. In a recent study, it is found that marijuana raises the resting heart beat of an individual who smokes it frequently. Most people are battling against the legalization of marijuana due to their "kids" might getting influenced to smoke it or being peer pressured. Parents in this society today tell their kids that marijuana is a drug and bad for them and to have higher standards to no think about of doing …show more content…
The Marijuana Project Policy has tried to get voters to say yes to get marijuana legalized in the upcoming presidential election. Fifteen states have considered to have marijuana charges to be decriminalized because it would help the U.S economy and federal government to save money. As marijuana is a "Schedule I" drug, elected presidential candidate Hillary Clinton claimed that she would classify marijuana as a "Schedule II" drug which means it will help with those who are locked up in prison with marijuana charges. The reason marijuana is still illegal in some states is because they think it 's harmful to citizens instead of thinking that it is beneficial of some sort for their health. Many people across the world and country travel to places that have legalized marijuana to receive the medical treatment they want. As research has linked to marijuana not to be harmful to those that are sick, they decide to move to get better help. Although, there are differences with medical marijuana and recreational use, both are only legalized differently in certain states.
The legalization of marijuana is still a debatable topic today to justify that marijuana causes can link up to many things but also can be helpful as a potential effect to the government, economy and citizens of the

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