Pros And Cons Of Legalization Of The Death Penalty

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Many people may see the “Death Penalty” as harsh punishment, while not noticing the brutality and suffer that the criminal has caused to another human. However, others would suggest the most severe form of corporal punishment is; “The Death Penalty.” Legalization of the death penalty is an ongoing case that has not progressed throughout the entire United States. Although it has been effective throughout more than thirty states. The U.S. is the only Western country presently applying the death penalty, with it being a more faster death but pain-free ending; lethal injection. While many disagree with the choice of discipline, others view it as fair sanction. Prison population in the U.S. is currently over 1.5 million. Overpopulating many world wide institutions causes, authors such Kenneth Josh and Richard Diehard to come as one and explain …show more content…
Diehards argues, “the cost of capital punishment” is extremely high. He believes that having capital punishment around is one sided and also too expensive. The average officer's employment rate decreases for every capital punishment case that increases per person. While the death penalty being one of the most costly state laws.The law doesn't contribute in any aspect of financial support towards society. In argument with Kent Scheidegger, Diehards states, “Spending millions of dollars on a single capital case, the average police budget had to be cut by 7 percent this year.” Using persuasive methods Diehards argues his point with a few explanations. Throughout his small statements he provides many logical facts towards law enforcement officer's budgets. The layoff of many employed officer's increases the income for capital

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