In Vitro Fertilization Essay

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is an alternative form of conceiving a child. It is used when the sperm and egg do not work together to naturally conceive a child, in risk of genetic risks and problems, or the possibility of infertility. With IVF, the egg and sperm is manually combining an egg and sperm in a petri dish to create the beginning of an embryo to then be placed in either a surrogate mother’s or the biological mother’s uterus. Fertilization with IVF does come with some risks, such as multiple births, birth defects, miscarriage, extra stress on the mother and child and the embryo not attaching to the uterus. While these risks are decently low they are still common enough where the doctor will bring it into concern.
For the females there are some things they need to prepare for before going through the process. There are medicines that can help produce hormones that will cause the ovaries to produce multiple eggs that can be extracted. There are also medicines that can help prepare the lining for fertilization and to prevent
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Now that same sex marriage and surrogacy is more accepted, IVF is more commonly used to conceive a child almost naturally. “The word surrogate literally means ‘substitute’ or ‘replacement’. A surrogate mother is a substitute mother.” (Stellenbosch,1995) With IVF, the doctor can screen the genes and chromosomes from the eggs and sperm to ensure that the baby will not have a disease or disorder if the parents are potential carriers.“Genetic causes have a considerable involvement in infertility. Genetic conditions may also be transmitted to the offspring and hence create transgenerational infertility or other serious health problems. “ IVF is an alternative to adoption especially if the parents want a child that genetically is

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