Summary: The Importance Of Schooling In High School

Throughout the years people spend in school, there are always students who try harder than others and give more effort to help them get ready for the future. On the other hand, there are students who slack to just get through school, and as a result, they end up not doing so well. Teachers will allow the students who do not have the academic skills to move forward. Schooling from 8th grade to high school helps mold the undergraduates into whom and what they will become in the future. Holding a student back in school helps that student do the best that they can do with motivation to work towards future goals. This also gives them the opportunity to get back on the right track without earning false achievements.
With no fear of not being able
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If students are still moving on, even though they are failing their classes or don’t know basic skills needed in the future, it is just setting them up for more failure. If students don’t have any sort of fear of not being able to get through school, then they stop trying. In college, professors prepare their students for the workforce which does not allow for minimum effort, but requires skill. If people start to rely on social promotion in high school to get them through, when they apply for a job, they will have to realize reality doesn’t work the same way. According to Franchesca Warren, who wrote an article for the Huffington Post about social promotion, she states that people who get promotion have a lack of organization, immaturity with the opposite sex, the lack of being able to get their own assignments done in high school, complaining about the work they receive in high school (also asking for extra credit), and failing of required classes. Warren also describes the students as “going through a pipeline from kindergarten to high school”. This means that students are being supported even if they are not ready in any way to move on to each grade

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