Argumentative Essay: Is Free Tuition Worth It?

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The writer 's purpose for this article is to explain the reader that free tuition does not exist. In this case, the writer has provided us with reasons to believe that free tuition is not a “thing.” Free tuition is apparently a great idea, but it is just a fantasy. The cost of a public college has increased outstandingly only in the last 40 years and it just keeps increasing with time. Therefore, this would be very expensive to accomplish and probably not having the expected results. Over time “free tuition” would affect more students than it would help.

The issue in this article is whether or not free tuition is worth it. We know it is a hard to accomplish. So, is the cost really worth the benefit, when the results are unpredictable? Because
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The cost is unbelievably high, in ten years from now probably more that the predicted $520 billion. Therefore, if this becomes a law it will make college more costly. Americans would have to pay even more taxes than they do now, for something they wouldn’t benefit from. This is in fact not fair for them, They had to pay for college, or maybe they didn’t go to college because they couldn’t afford it. What happens with all the people before that didn’t get the chance or privilege of going to college and earning a degree. Also with time students and families will eventually have to pay for “free tuition” as they are at the same time also taxpayers. Lastly, the results are unpredictable. Some students don’t care about college when their parents are the ones paying for it. So what makes people think they would learn something in school if they go for free. We don’t need more unmotivated students in college, we need good students willing to …show more content…
He doesn’t take into consideration that some students need this type of help. What if a student doesn’t get a job after he graduates, and instead of accumulating more and more debt, he’s just paying his taxes. He wouldn’t have to worry about paying rent, paying the bills, survive paycheck to paycheck and also pay off student loans every month. Another assumption is that students won’t perform well academically if college is free, but there’s no evidence for this. College isn’t like everything else, many people care about it and don’t go because they can’t afford it. It’s not their fault that the ones that can afford it give that impression. And how can he know that they will do badly in school? Maybe the program will select students with a certain GPA. And students who actually

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