Pros And Cons Of Flora And Fauna

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Register to read the introduction… There are several ways to conserve our biodiversity. It has been divided into five groups. The first group is individual, followed by school, community, government or national level and last but not least is conservation at international level.
You must have been wandering what role can an individual do to conserve our biodiversity? We can conserve our biodiversity by discipline ourselves and stop being hedonistic and start thinking for the future if we do not conserve the biodiversity. We can recycle all the substances that can be recycled. As a result, fewer trees will be cut down which at least can slow down the rise of temperature which is rising quickly in this time. Besides that, we can reduce the usage of air conditioners because it can also increase the temperature because air conditioners release one of the greenhouse gasses.

How about schools? What role does it play? Actually, school is the most important organization in conserving our biodiversity besides the government. A school can organize a campaign about biodiversity to enhance the student’s knowledge of biodiversity and help them to love it then conserve it. Other than that, school can also inaugurate Nature Club for the co-curriculum activities. This club shall conduct interesting activities inside and outside the school such going to the zoo and national
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What is in-situ term of conservation? In-situ term of conservation based on is conserving between natural habitats. The in-situ term of conservation can be done in a few ways such as protecting sites or reserving, restoration and recovery of threatened species.
Protecting sites or reserving means that a forest has been protected from illegal loggers or in other word it can’t be logged down. Trespassers into the forest can be prosecuted by the laws. Reserving a forest can make so much benefit for the biodiversity such as the habitat of animals in the forest is held in reserve and can’t be destroyed. Thus, the next generation can see the same species of animals we can see today.
Restoration means attempt to bring land modified by human use back to its original state. Restoration is done because determining the original natural state is often difficult and because ecosystems continually change, this is rarely a realistic goal. Changes in some cases are irreversible, so that the reforestation to an original is not an option. The benefit of restoration is some species of endangered plants can be saved from extinction, thus, the number of extinction of plants can be

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