Pros And Cons Of Facial Recognition

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In criminal justice, one of the most important weapons that law enforcement agencies use to fight the criminals is technology. We live in an era of technology where law enforcement can be a step ahead of the criminals. One groundbreaking weapon they use is Facial Recognition. I think it is an important criminal justice issue that criminals are sometimes a step ahead of law enforcement. But with this. Technology, law enforcement can be a step ahead of them
What is Facial Recognition, and What Does It Do?
Facial recognition is under the category of biometrics. Biometrics is a wide- ranging technology. It measures people 's traits like faces and body movements. It is surprising how facial recognition works. There are a lot of software
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This is a significant advantage for law enforcement because a suspect can be identified as being in a particular location by using facial recognition. Another advantage of facial recognition technology is that it “is already in use under controlled situations. For example, when travelers approach border police for a travel document check, facial biometrics can easily check travel documents and watch lists, providing passport control officers an opportunity to spend more time on higher …show more content…
Facial recognition is not like we see on TV, but in the future, I believe it will be.
As time goes by, facial recognition will become more accurate and helpful to law enforcement. Only the FBI and higher law agencies can have access to this. Local officers can use the software on their phones or with the devices in their patrol cars.
The use of facial recognition will grow. Imagine yourself on patrol in your beat late at night and observing a suspicious person loitering next to a building in a high-crime area. Using your smartphone with a facial recognition application, you discover the person is a known burglar with several outstanding felonies warrants.
You make your arrest safely (Rivera, 2013 The future para 1 ).
This will help police officers when they make an arrest. Facial recognition will take major steps in the future in Regards to the criminal justice system. Not only are law enforcement agencies going to use facial recognition, but it will also be used in the courts, in the jails, and in the prison systems -- when people come to visit there, they can go through the facial recognition system to see if the person is who they say they are to make sure they are not lying. This will help make sure nobody is passing

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