Should Exit Exams Be Abolished Essay

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“You can’t be a janitor in any school district without a high school diploma,” (Standardized). States should get rid of exit exams because it doesn 't help with the people who want to graduate, the test takers self-esteem suffers, and it has money problems. Most schools take the PSSA’s since 3rd grade and have them till 8th grade. Once a student enters high school, they start taking keystones or other state mandated exit exam. Students have to pass the exit exams to graduate. If a student should fail the tests, the students are then required to take a class for a semester and take the exit exams again halfway through the year.

Oakland CA Tribune 's say “Sophomore year is when a student can start taking the state mandated test and can take it up to six times till they pass” (Standardized). Once a student passes in sophomore, they will just be learning nonsense things because teachers only teach the information that will be on the exit exams. All through the school year, the teachers in the
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Students lose the chance to develop complex problem solving and analytical skills (Standardized). Exit exams don’t identify who a student is or who they want to be. A student could have good grades and then they take the exit exams and fail them (Standardized). The law also requires schools to provide extra instructions for those who are having trouble passing the exit exams (Standardized). One test will require that a student receives extra help if he or she should happen to fail. Students will try to work harder on one subject and forget about the others (Standardized). There is more multiple choice then there are open ended so there is less thinking (Standardized). More than 620,000 students refused to take state tests in the U.S. in 2015 (Why). Also in the 2015 testing season, researchers expected many more families to refuse to take part unnecessary testing

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