Pros And Cons Of Epicureanism

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In a way we today live it kind of hard to find one thing to actually believe. There are so many things that maybe true in other philosophies of living. It’s like going to a burger place and choosing one burger, but the burger has onions or tomatoes on it. Now you have chosen the belief but you don’t want everything that comes with it. Picking Epicureanism and its factors are kind of hard to live by, I mean when it was came up with the greed in the world wasn’t exactly like it is right now. Picking a belief and sticking to it hard enough so abiding by every rule is even harder. Epicureanism may have many pro’s but also some cons, there are some things that need o added due to the changes in the way things are done.
Epicureanism is a very complex yet easy philosophy to understand for 3 important reasons. First, it helps us understand that there are some things in life that we are not in controls of. Second, Epicureanism helps
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Pleasure is the highest proper aim of a human life. Epicurus believed that complaining is very unworthy to human beings. The form of philosophy frees human of fears and anxiety that hinder the happiness we can achieve, maximizing the pleasure in life. There are some pains that can’t be avoided in life such as death and illness, but Epicurus explains that the pain is only temporary. But because of what is believed such as the god and the beliefs about death, the pain never goes away. These beliefs are false in the eyes of Epicurus, merely misled myths are what they are called. Myths that permeate the cults of a popular religion. Myths that there are Gods in the world poking around in the world making things happen according to the wishes we make. Because the Gods of the world are very unpredictable, meaning it isn’t know when were are going to feel the wrath, it leaves us anxious to know what is next. The fears of Gods are the most intent spoilers of

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