Pros And Cons Of Electronic Surveillance

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This paper explores the recent electronic surveillance controversy dealing with the U.S. Government’s National Security Administration spying on ordinary civilians. During this paper I will present pro and con arguments dealing with this controversy. I will also explain the social, political, ethical and legal impact of the electronic surveillance on our society. We as Americans are having our private lives monitored by the federal government through unwarranted surveillance. Many Americans were outraged when the issue of electronic surveillance came to their attention. The electronic surveillance should’ve only been used to prevent criminal activities and terrorist attack prevention. The spying of American citizens infringes on our fourth …show more content…
The program had no requirement that a warrant be obtained from a Court as the 4th Amendment to the Constitution and the foreign intelligence surveillance laws require. President Bush admitted that he authorized the program and defended his self by simply saying he had the authority to do so. There were already laws governing government eavesdropping on American citizens in which were well-established and crystal clear. (NSA Spying on American is Illegal, 2014) One pro argument is that these programs can be very useful to our government if used correctly. They really can help protect us as citizens of this nation by monitoring criminals and terrorist. When probable cause is presented to a court of law a warrant can issued to help aid in government surveillance. I wouldn’t mind a government program like this when used to potentially protect my family and I. One con argument is that programs like this can cause government to bend rules and rewrite laws to be in line with an organizations objective. The programs our government uses have not so good intentions as pointed out to us by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. He informed the American people our worries about the Patriot Act were true. The NSA had been doing dragnet style surveillance to many of this country’s citizens. All of this can happen to any one of us without even committing or even being accused of a

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