Pros And Cons Of Corporate Social Responsibility

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For an organization, corporate social responsibility is the key issue which describes the way that a business or company takes into account the social, financial and environmental impacts of actions and decisions involved in. In simple words, corporate social responsibility is managing the business processes by the companies to produce an overall positive impact on society. “Corporate citizenship” is another term used for corporate social responsibility which is not to provide financial benefit to the company immediately but is to promote positive environmental and social change. This type of social responsibility aims for long term sustainability and an important term for consumers, investors, business, managers and employees.
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There is one common criticism of corporate social responsibility which is when there is a conflict between the purposes of concept of social responsibility and business. When the actual benefit received by the community is non- existent and negligible so this is known as the other criticism of corporate social responsibility. Growing consumer cynicism is one of the serious challenges for the businesses which are involved in corporate social responsibility. For many organizations, consumers are not easily convinced and can recognize that social responsibility is simply a public relations campaign in disguise. Other challenge for corporate social responsibility is it may negatively affect business profit margins as the results from socially responsible behavior provide no measurable returns for an organization. The process of encouraging the employees, associates and customers to support any idea of making purchases is very important to make any business socially …show more content…
Net neutrality is the process of treating all the online data equally. AT & T is the main provider in the US which works on 61, 433 network access lines along with the 95, 536 wireless customers. If any user is willing to pay more to get faster transportation then it is the responsibility of AT & T to allow prioritization of data in context to that customer but this had become a controversial issue in US at that time.
Like Apple, HP is another hardware industry which has a substantial impact on the environment as the production of hardware products such as hard drives, photo cameras, mp3 players, computers and printers requires manufacturing and extraction of natural resources. If printing devices such as ink cartridges or toners and computers are not disposed properly then it may contains some toxic and hazardous substances which then become a substantial threat to the environment as well as human

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