Argumentative Essay: Is College Free?

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College free?
Many families have the dream of sending their son or daughter off to college, where they will be intellectually and socially challenged to go to new heights as an individual. They will join in watching sports games, going to show on campus, and volunteering in their community; being absorbed into the college life. The rising cost of tuition, and vast amount of graduates with a substantial sums of debt, the question arises should college be free, and the answer is no. According to Nicholas Rayfield, a little over a trillion dollars in loan debt, and the money for college still is not being regulated properly (Rayfield). If college becomes free that will lead to a lot more people being able to get a degree, and this will cause the value of a college degree to be lowered. With the coming of free community college comes greater government involvement which has shown poor results when it comes to education. With the current state of education, giving free college does not offer significant advantage to the public, and would ultimately be a heavy burden on tax payer with little return.
The dream has come crashing and burning down by the cold truth of
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Offering school is a noble gesture, and in a perfect society this might be an amazing plan, but it ignores the further implications and results needed to dedicate such a large amount of money and time this specific issue. This is not the only flaw in the free college system with in this system be opened to everyone it can potentially close off spot to the lowest of the lower income families, by allowing higher income families to take the spot. Lower income individuals are less likely to get into college due to

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