Essay Genetically Modified Food Should Be Banned

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A. Should Genetically Modified Foods be Banned

I would personally say that it is more important to prevent deaths and illnesses due to malnutrition in developing countries, rather than trying to prevent the potential hazards of introducing genetically modified plants into the environment. Morally, I think that focusing time and resources into preventing deaths as well as human suffering caused by hunger and malnutrition should be a top priority. Although studying the potential effects of these genetically modified plants in the environment is still important, I think that saving something as valuable as human life is even more important and should come first before anything else. And of course genetically modified plants and crops essentially provide the best solution to addressing malnutrition and helping humanity survive in these developing countries. These types of crops are able to grow much faster and provide larger yields since they can withstand harsher
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Lets face it, there are always going to people against genetically modified foods, and people in support of it. I personally support the idea of genetically modified foods, however for those that don’t support it, they will want to have an alternative choice of food to buy. This is where farmers who grow conventional crops come in. Since GM crops can spread uncontrollably it is possible they can spread their traits into the conventional crops, if the public found out, those looking to buy “organic” or “non-GMO” will look to buy food somewhere else ultimately putting the conventional farmers out of business. The best solution in this case would be to place restriction or regulate the use of this genetic engineering technology. There should be farms dedicated solely to GM crops and limits placed on the total area of farmland dedicated to growing the actual

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