Pros And Cons Of Censorship

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Today for my argumentive essay I will be going over the topic surrounding censorship and what I think about it, I chose censorship as a topic mainly because I couldn’t think of anything else I found interesting in at the time, censorship is used in many ways like taking down a news article to blocking certain things and is used in many things like the internet to other things such as newspapers it is often used to keep people from seeing things they probably shouldn’t see but is sometimes used to silence certain topics. It is used in a range of things and used in a variety of things, many people approve of censorship used in media and others are against it and here’s why.
I made up a list of pros I came up for this topic and here they are, people use censorship to keep children and others from seeing things that could cause some problems for them such as
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Some people view censorship as a sometimes a bad thing because it violates certain rights and privacy but then there are people who view it as both good and

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