Pros And Cons Of Cars Essay

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The automobile, it has been around for decades and still is being advance and modernize to this day. Did you know that transportation produces 28% of all made emissions? Gas powered car shouldn’t be allowed on the roads anymore. They are too expensive, produce too much pollution and they cause too many deaths by car accidents. Here is why I think gas powered cars shouldn’t be allowed to roam the roads anymore. The price of cars has increased by thousands of dollars from when they were first made. According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 85% of 19 year old teens had a car and now that has changed to 70%. Why? Because cars are getting too expensive. The best part, that isn’t even including the cost of gas and car insurance. I …show more content…
According to Facts Along the Road 70% of workers drive alone and only 10% carpool w3ith a friend or buddy, which can stop a lot of pollution. Did you know also age in your car? You spend on average 40 hours a year sitting in traffic and no one has time for that. I understand how some people would think that cars are a key to freedom but really all cars do is cause stress and kills your wallet. Finally, automobiles are killing machines with over 36,000 deaths and a grand total of 10.8 million car accidents occurred in 2009. Just be happy that you weren’t one of those horrible killing. My dad’s mom passed away in a fatal car accident that happened when he was only 11 years old. And sooner or later there will some drunk crazy driver that will injure or kill a relative or a close friend. These so called freedoms need to be stopped or made safer and more reliable. In conclusion, I think that car should be not stopped (honestly we both know that cars won’t be brought to an end) but at least improved by efficiency, safety, prices lowered and needs to run on pure 100% electricity. Cars are a great to have but lets not make them hurt our wallets, people and most importantly our planet any

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