Death Penalty Controversy

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There has always been a controversy regarding the topic capital punishment or the death penalty. Many believe that the death penalty is absolutely wrong while others believe that the death penalty is very effective. Both sides of the argument have evidence that favorably supports their side. The death penalty is used to punish those who have committed the act of murder. People who have carry out such an atrocious act deserve to receive certain punishments. According to The Atlantic, starting when the death penalty was re-established in 1976 to the year 2002, the United States has executed a total of 820 people and 3,700 more are on the death row. It may seem like a small number but they are all individuals who are not necessarily guilty. Criminal …show more content…
It is a natural instinct people have. Judges or jury members can be biased towards the whites or towards people who are wealthy. This will cause the death penalty to kill innocent people and allow the guilty to get away with their crime. In the article “The Death Penalty is Discriminatory”, it states that “black defendants were nearly three times as likely to receive a death sentence than were non-black defendants” (Costanzo). In history, blacks have been looked down upon by many people living in the United States. Even though it has been a long time since blacks were discriminated, people can still be biased and discriminate people who do not fit their satisfaction. On the other hand, the wealthy tend to get let off easily. They have the money and sometimes the power to hire a good lawyer to allow them to get away with their crime. The poor usually do not have the money to get a good lawyer that will allow them to win the trial. They still get a lawyer but the lawyers they get are not experienced enough to win the case. This kind of system is very unfair especially to those who are discriminated and poor. The death penalty should be abolished due to these flaws that can end an innocent person’s life. Not only does it kill innocent lives, it allows criminals who actually commit inhuman acts to live freely and get away from the punishment they are supposed to receive. One of the purpose of the death penalty is to warn and caution people to not commit these kind of acts but it has not achieved its purpose so

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