Pros And Cons Of Being Arrested

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Simple do’s and don’ts to protect your rights if you have been arrested.

When you have been arrested, there are things you should do and things that you shouldn’t. For example, you should keep quiet and hire an attorney who can advise you of your rights and help you navigate the criminal legal system. You should not talk to anyone about the incident except for your attorney. What you do or don't do when you have been arrested can have a substantial effect on the outcome of your case.
I've Been Arrested, What Should I Do?
There are several things you can do once you have been arrested that will ensure that your rights are protected. Some of the things you should do include:

• Keep silent – don’t answer any
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If you are arrested, there are things that you can do to negatively affect the outcome of your case. To make sure that your rights are protected:

• Don’t discuss anything about the incident with the police
• Don’t mouth off, be rude or antagonize the police
• Don’t run from the police
• Don’t discuss the incident with anyone other than your lawyer
• Don’t give the police permission to perform a search of anything
• Don’t resist arrest
• Don’t touch the officers in any way
• Don’t believe anything the police tell you in order to get you to answer

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