Pros And Cons Of Being A Social Justice Warrior

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Social justice is described as an act of promoting a just society by challenging the injustice and value of diversity. Social justice warriors focus on the common humanity and support for human rights. As a social justice warrior I would fight for the rights for all students and their education. I believe that all students deserve their educational rights and practices. As a warrior I would fight for the equality between students especially within the means of diversity. Education has become a prodigious importance in our society. As a social justice warrior I would fight for fair tuition cost and better financial aid for low income families. I would fight so that students’ stories of success would be heard. I believe as a social justice warrior education is what gives us opportunity, I believe equal rights for students education is what makes America great. Education, the knowledge and skill learned from the instruction of teaching. Education is …show more content…
According to the article " Modern Education System" the pros of education are based off the student learning development skills and teachers making students feel at their best, but as a social justice warrior I believe students should be taught more in depth and teachers should provide a better order of teaching so that their students are capable of learning material that will help them in the future. The article further explains that education is a helpful resource for students in helping them in their career and profession. Con wise, according to the article students are being spoon fed more than they are actually being taught. The writer explains that students are fed more into the facts and knowledge rather than taught it, they see the educational system has grown more into a modern ignorance rather than a learning institution. I believe teachers should have more liberty to teach hands on rather than just pencil and on

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