Pros And Cons Of Avoidance Of Regulation In Industry

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Cons of Avoidance of Regulation In Industry Regulation is the centerpiece of how products are to be manufactured, and made safe, while continuing to be efficient and user-friendly. These rules of regulation are set in place to keep people safe from themselves, and keep their environment safe. One small problem can lead to many failures in a franchise, causing it to crumble. Industrial jobs have a copious number of responsibilities and have to sole decision on how a product may be designed to function. When making a product, all rules, regulations, and past failures, should be taken into consideration so that aforementioned product will not hurt the environment or the user. Taking shortcuts in the workplace is a common trend today that occurs more often than not. This can be a result of the simple reasons of laziness or cutting corners to make extra money. For example, a flawed number in a calculation can cause a building, house or any product for that matter, to be slightly askew and can put people at risk of injury. This is primarily due to the lack of attention to detail that is so desperately important in the field of design and engineering. When products are not carefully inspected, the possibility of the consumer self-adapting the item emerges. An article written by Psychology professors, states “Adaptation to technology gives emotional stability” and also “can make a product more dangerous.” (Anne Beaudry and Alain Pinsonneault). In addition to …show more content…
Everyone wants to be proud of the models they make and be happy to be able to use them and not have to be dependent on a company to repair their product. Consumers both want, and need a reliable product that follows the rules and regulations, that ensures a safe experience for the consumer and the

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