Pros And Cons Of Atomic Bomb

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No one really knows when the right time to do or use something is actually the right time. Whether it’s even the right thing that’s done is an opinion itself and differs from person to person. During World War II, the United States used an atomic bomb against Japan. The making and dropping of an atomic bomb both have severe repercussions resulting from it that should always be taken under consideration, because the use of nuclear weapons are no joke and should not be taken lightly. Even though dropping an atomic bomb can bring a sense of security to a country in a time of war, the extreme and dangerous risks result in consequences towards many countries and the people and economies within them.
An atomic bomb is a nuclear weapon that derives its destructive power from the rapid release of nuclear energy (Miller). Common knowledge says that an atomic bomb, just like everything else, has repercussions-good or bad depends on the circumstance. A repercussion is the recoil of something after impact (Miller). From an atomic bomb part of the repercussion is radioactivity which is related to the emission of ionizing radiation or particles (Miller).
When an atomic bomb is dropped, casualty rates normally exceed death rates (“Counting”). In fact, “90% of persons within 500 meters die.” (“Counting”). Once the distance becomes 4
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Whether starting with health risks, the economic collapse, or even the educational aspect that is caused by the destruction of school buildings. The bombs cause effects that cannot be taken back. Of course death is part of war, but there is a certain point where a line needs to be drawn. There will never be a time that our world and all the countries within it will be at peace with each other. There is only one way to put it; atomic bombs are not the answer. Risking our country’s well-being just to give us a sense of security in a time of war is

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