Pros And Cons Of Andrew Jackson

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Andrew Jackson was a president who governed from 1829 to 1837. There have been arguments on whether he was a great president or a bad president. Andrew Jackson was a good president who helped form the United States for many reasons. He strengthened the the United States through the democracy and through the economics.
During the election of 1828, Andrew Jackson received a plurality of the popular vote. Many people supported Andrew Jackson because he was a patriot, a self-made man, and a war hero. Jackson promised “equal protection and equal benefits” for all Americans. Soon after the election, Jackson's devotees officially created the Democratic Party. After Andrew Jackson hired his supporters as his government employees, parties began
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They thought that if Jackson vetoed the bank, he would lose supporters due to the fact that the bank is what farmers depended on in order to borrow money and run successful farms. When the bill to renew the bank came to Jackson to sign, he was sick in bed. He said, “The bank is trying to kill me. But I will kill it.” Jackson turned the bill down. Despite the fact that his opponents tried using the bank against him, the plan backfired, causing the citizens to support and re-elect Jackson for president. When he became president for his second term, he destroyed the bank and made all of the government deposits go into smaller state banks. According to TreasuryDirect, the United States is over 20 trillion dollars in debt. When Jackson was president it was the first and only time the United States was completely out of …show more content…
Van Buren was the one who preferred an army to move the remaining Cherokees off of their land and marching them west. The march was a bad transition for most of the 15,000 Cherokee due to the fact that they were not prepared. I agree that the Trail of Tears was a bad thing but Andrew Jackson is not the one to blame. Although Jackson agreed with the removal of Indians, it doesn’t mean that he is the one responsible for the trail of tears.
Although bad things did happen in Andrew Jackson’s presidency, bad things happened in every presidents term. People may want to use every small mistake against Andrew Jackson but if Jackson wasn’t president, the U.S. may not be able to say that they were out of debt at one point. If we are over 20 trillion dollars in debt, imagine the number it would be if we never payed all of our debt back like Andrew Jackson did. When Jackson’s opponents tried to “kill” him, Jackson was able to stay strong and didn’t care about what would happen, supporters wise, if he vetoed. The opponents thought that if he vetoed the bill then his supporters would dislike him but in the end the supporters still voted for Andrew Jackson. This shows that the supporters had more positive things about him that overpowered the vetoing of the bank. According to, Andrew Jackson won 219 electoral votes and Henry Clay won 49 electoral votes. This was the result of Clay trying to get Jackson to lose votes through the

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