Persuasive Essay Preschool

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Kids these days love to get what they want. Most of them are shown that they need to earn it, or either wait for it. This causes children to flare and want to get a job, to earn the things they want sooner. Student’s should not be allowed to get afterschool jobs because it interferes with school, students are risking their grades to earn minimum wage. A job creates a less personal life for a student that it does not allow them to have leisure time or even a social life. Those who get a job at a younger age develop risky health issues that can develop into something big. Students who get jobs at a younger age are at risk or low school effort, less leisure time and a higher risk of health issues. School is the most important stage a child …show more content…
Once you’re older, the more experience you’ve gained the more they will like you. An afterschool job provides the student an experience of working beyond the home, but around their community. With a job, a student can learn responsibility, dependability and how to work with others. All the skills learned can help the student manage into getting a better job with better earnings. With having this big of a responsibility students learn how to manage to have a job and school life. Managing a school life can allow the child to bear responsibility with just itself. Procrastination gets handled, and things get handled the correct way. A job isn’t the only way to bear responsibility. There are classes that show skills that can be used in the real life. With the time you have to study for classes a person would rather hire someone who has the knowledge than someone who doesn’t.
Having an afterschool job is tough work for a student. Students should be able to manage their life stress-free if that was possible. Balancing work and school are tough on a student. They cause a student to risk their studies into earning a couple of dollars. The time they used to have to spend on themselves or having fun is now being used to work. Sadly, must students who work develop risky health issues that can not only affect them at the moment but the rest of their lives. Students should be able to enjoy and study hard instead of working for a couple of

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