Pros And Cons Of Adoption

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I was born into a large family, myself the youngest of six. We varied greatly in age. I am twenty-one years younger than the first born child. I became an aunt at the tender age of ten. I then was familiar with how to care for children. John was adopted at seven years old. His sister was adopted two years previously by a different family, separating the biological siblings. I met then fell in love with John at twenty and have not looked back since. I have had the ability to learn some information on the adoption process from his experiences. Although, we never expected to have children until we were married. We both agreed that adoption would be on the table after graduation.
John’s sister inherited a behavioral health illness from their biological
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We have become accustomed to Meredith’s lackluster mothering. Growing more concerned for Lamar, we started gathering baby supplies. We reached out to anyone we could for donations and sales for baby equipment and supplies. We knew it would not be easy, but we had a village. Luckily enough many people gave us toys and even a portable crib since we started with nothing. John and I were able to see the generosity people could have for a child in a dire situation. During this time Meredith had agreed to let us take care of Lamar, we had only a portable crib and the bare minimum, but it was more than he was used to. At the start of summer we offered Meredith to come back with Lamar and stay with them. There was an extra room and everything seemed perfect. By July we had cleaned out the extra room for them and purchased a crib for Lamar. We worked so hard to do what was best for everyone involved. Meredith was told she was allowed to stay with a few stipulations. She would have to seek counselling, help with housework, and contribute her food stamps for groceries. These seemed like reasonable requests for a place to live and help raising a baby as a teen mother. But, it was not long before Meredith was unable to meet the qualifications. She was not pleased being stuck in the house away from her “friends” or former bad influences. She then began leaving for days at a time while we took care of Lamar alone. By August she was gone again and we were not going to keep worrying if she was coming back. Lamar deserved consistency and needed to finally have stability in his

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