Pros And Cons Of A Career In The Military

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Military, a person who is serving for their country in some way, is a career I wish to pursue because, Military will pay for my college so I will be getting a good education, I will get to travel places I have never been to, and I will obtain a good salary. I have family members that are serving for our country. When one of my family comes home, he knows that I have been interested in going into the service since he started coming home and talking about it. In the military I want to be a Avionics Technician. The thing that grabbed my interest in this career is my family members are in the service and it is just what I want to be. The Challenges that that I will have to go thru is all the training and boot camp. I have always wanted to be an mechanic and work on engines, also being a mechanic in the Military I will obtain a good salary. According to the article “Quick Facts” the purpose of the military is to protect our country, our interest, and are allies (1). …show more content…
They are also still putting their life at risk. The hardest thing that people have to go is boot camp and a ton of training. If someone is thinking about going into the military and they sing the paper there is no backing out. Here are some pros and cons of joining the military. If someone joins the military they could get a free education, they get to travel a lot, they get a steady income, they will have job security, medical coverage, and they will get training opportunities. Now the cons of joining the military may change their minds. The cons are being away from family members, the may get physical and emotional damage, a lot of hard work, may have to do something they are not comfortable with, and once again if they sing up there is no backing out. According to the article “ Occupations” for Avionics Technician will be working on Aircrafts

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