Essay on Proposed Frequent Shopper Rewards Program

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Kudler Fine Foods – Proposed Frequent Shopper Rewards Program
Todd Feuerherm
December 21, 2014

In Figure 1, we have a basic example of the data being processed through our reward point’s program database. First we have qualifying purchases that determine what points from purchases are rewarded in the transaction. Then we have a designated purchase behavior section that will determine what the customer mostly likes in their purchases and what they mostly buy. Total allocated points are information of points gathered from the customer’s purchases and the total amount available in their rewards history. Preferred purchases is also their purchase behavior but a little more in-depth of what the customers like and are
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By offering incentives to customers and providing a higher level of service, customers will provide return business. The quality and availability of hard to find items are also factors in our customer loyalty. By utilizing the information gathered at the Point Of Sale (POS) the levels of hard to find items could be reordered immediately and increase the availability to the customers. By keeping these items in stock, an increase in customer base could be expected as word of mouth as well as advertising could promote the loyalty system. Points could be assigned by the value of the product or dollar amounts spent by the customer to earn the rewards points.
Supporting Measures
Kudler Fine Foods is a large food store based in California and has three different locations. The store has been working on maximizing its profits for the last few years. It remained a competitor and successful food store with millions of customers. The secret behind it success was: * Providing quality product * Fair and appropriate price and * Good customer service
Recently the store is working on expanding its locations by opening new brunches. However, to handle its fast growing customer, and to stay dominant on the market the Kudler Fine Food needs to update its hardware and software or it needs to introduce new hardware and software that helps accelerate the business’s success.
Project Feasibility
The implementation of a frequent shopper

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