Proposal for Google Apps for Business Essay

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Google Apps for Business Deployment
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Date | Version | Description | Author | 21.01.2013 | 1.0 | Initial version | Chris Ife |

Google Apps for Business Deployment 1
Revision History 2 1. INTRODUCTION 5 1.1. Overview 5 1.2. Business Opportunity 5 1.3. Vendor Profile 5 2. PROFILE OF COMPANIES DEPLOYED 6 2.1. Tontolino Global Ltd 6 2.2. Globasure 6 3. DEPLOYMENT OVERVIEW 7 3.1. Gmail 7 3.2. Google Calender 7 3.3. Google Docs 7 3.4. Google Talk 7 3.5. Google Drive 7 3.6. Benefits of Google Apps 8 4. Pricing 10 5. NEXT STEPS 11

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Goggle talk enables colleagues to communicate with each other using the Google instant video chat plugins. With the use of Google talk conference calls and meeting can be achieved by using the voice and video chat.

Google Drive
Google Drive is a file storage system that will enable Friend Africa’s staff store files and collaborate real time.

Benefits of Google Apps Feature | Google Apps | Business Benefits to Friends Africa | Productivity & Collaboration AppsCalendaring System | Integrated Google Docs ,Google Drive and Google Sites for Collaboration Solution | Friends Africa can monitor sales all over the world through the Google Doc Forms and also get things done faster.Google Apps can help streamline everyday tasks like invoicing, budgeting, scheduling and more. Creating an invoice template in Google Docs and balancing budget by sharing a single spreadsheet.With Google Calendar, shared calendaring is made easy as teams can schedule meetings and also have reminder through mails and SMS alert thereby removing bottlenecks and time saving. Apps free you up to spend more time on the work that really matters. | Storage Capacity | 25 GB Per User Mailbox, Up to 16TB for Google Drive/per User | Users can import all emails accounts into one account. The Google Drive storage can serve as a document Management System for the company | Internet Connection Type | Any Internet

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