Proposal For The Microcredit Summit Campaign Essay

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Proposal to the Microcredit Summit Campaign, and to public and private sectors wishing to participate.

Organizational Description: located in Orlando, FL was conceived in August 2016 displaced female farm workers, their families, and the community in rural Colombia. will be an information and services site to help these to find all available resources, information, and connect them with their respective non-profits and professionals who will inspire and teach them to become successful entrepreneurs.

Proposal Overview/Summary:
The resource center will also offer information about pending bills, laws and policies of the various Colombian government agencies and designated officials, local organizations and their subsidiaries to help them achieve this. We endeavor to provide help where the need is greatest. Our team: we are military veterans and civilians who have experience in budget and program development and many who have volunteered in these areas. We advocate for those who need our help in transitioning from homelessness and special needs to find resources for their healthcare needs, educational resources, and other services around their area.

The other part of the project will be to create and establish an electronic resource providing all the available resources electronically to help social services professionals to get these connected with the organizations in their area and to reignite Latin America’s inclusive growth.…

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