Proposal For The College Of Business Essay

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The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is for the College of Business (COBS) at Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSU Denver), to obtain a competitive proposal from a company with the experience and resources to effectively provide an Electronic Student Advising and Planning (e-SAP) information system. It is proposed that the vendor will supply, install, configure, and train faculty advisors on the use of the e-SAP. The company must also be able to provide ongoing software support and be able to potentially provide future professional services. Vendors should be able to provide software solutions for the e-SAP management system; system implementation guidance; system configuration, installation, support and maintenance.


It is the College of Business’s preference to utilize the existing platform that is already being used by the university, but can be customized, as needed, to meet the specific requirements and parameters of the university. The college is open to solutions that are either standalone or web based systems, vendor hosted or internally hosted. However, the college calls for vendors that can provide a system that does not require extensive internal IT support. At this time, the college is generally not interested in supporting the development of a fully custom-built Student Advising and Planning system. Content

COBS will work with the preferred vendor to develop a detailed project plan and schedule to implement the e-SAP…

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