Security Software Proposal Essay

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Proposal for Security Software
Name: Jamonte Reed
Institution: University of Maryland University College

Proposal for Security Software Owing to the cybercrimes threats attempted on Advanced Research Company, it is recommended that the executive should make plans to acquire security software that will protect confidential corporate data from external access. Past events have demonstrated that companies are not secure from cyber attacks owing to the ones that the company has experienced and the recent one that involved a major competitor. In this study, attention is accorded to a description of the recommended security software and its benefits to the company.
Description of the Security Software PureVPN is the recommended security
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The foregoing means that the software prevents hackers and crackers from accessing password prompts from the company. Such a condition means that it will be difficult for them to access any leads that might result to corruption of data. In addition, the PureVPN protects the firewall that protects the company’s network from malicious access and programs. Notably, rival companies might hire hackers to direct malicious programs to the Advanced Research Company’s network in order to corrupt the data held there within (Pure VPN Review, n.d). However, with the presence of this software, malicious programs will be detected and eliminated before doing any harm to the data. The current system is not secure, as technological advancement has led to production of malicious programs, which overpower the firewall’s …show more content…
PureVPN is powerful software with customized features, which close other operations during the test process. For example, the company will be forced to switch off its network in order for the software to detect the presence of external access. Evidently, this will bring the business to a standstill as most of the information is stored and accessed over the network. The consequences of the security test are felt by the entire company, including the workers who were involved in research activities. Such workers must run their variables in the computers, which are all interconnected with the same server. The unavailability of the server translates to work stoppage at the various stations at the company. However, it is better to run the software and quit operation for a few hours than ignore it and suffer data and profit

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